Source: NASA

Authors: Ana Guzman, Melissa L. Gaskill

Published Date: Mon, 13 May 2024 19:05:51 +0000

Summary: The International Space Station (ISS) provides unique research opportunities due to its microgravity environment, unique orbit, and hands-on operation by crew members. Microgravity allows scientists to conduct experiments without Earth’s gravitational influence, significantly impacting studies in various fields. The ISS’s orbit allows for detailed observations of Earth and space phenomena, while placing instruments outside Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field enhances the quality of observations. Crew members onboard the ISS can manage experiments in real time, ensuring accurate data collection and the ability to troubleshoot issues. The long-term presence of the ISS enables extensive research, such as studying human adaptation to space, including the Fluid Shifts investigation on vision changes, and various long-term studies on physical and biological processes.

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