Source: NASA

Authors: Frank Tavares

Published Date: Thu, 23 May 2024 18:38:26 +0000

Summary: A thermal protection material for the Artemis Generation The 3-Dimensional Multifunctional Ablative Thermal Protection System (3D-MAT) is a thermal protection material developed as a critical component of Orion, NASA’s newest spacecraft built for human deep space missions. The 3D-MAT project emerged from a technical problem in early designs of the Orion spacecraft. Using a 3D weave for NASA heat shield materials had been explored, but after the need for a new material for the compression pad was discovered, development quickly escalated. This led to the evolution of 3D-MAT, a material woven with quartz yarn and cyanate ester resin in a unique three-dimensional design. Learn more NASA release: First 3D woven composite for NASA thermal protection systems (March 29, 2016) NASA release: Advancements in Thermal Protection Materials Change the Game for Orion (April 3, 2015) NASA Spinoff release: 3D Weaving Technology Strengthens Spacecraft, Race Cars (2017) For researchers NASA Technology Transfer Program webpage: Multifunctional Ablative Thermal Protection System, 3D-MAT Technical paper: “Development of an Ablative 3D Quartz/Cyanate Ester Composite for the Orion Spacecraft Compression Pad,” by Feldman, J. D., Venkatapathy, E., Wilkinson, C., and Mercer, K. J SAMPE TP15-0195, Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX, Oct. 2015

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