Source: United States Space Force

Authors: Capt. Keith Peden (Pacific Air Forces)

Published Date: Fri, 31 May 2024 16:03:02 GMT

Summary: Gen. Anthony Mastalir, U.S. Space Forces Indo-Pacific commander, participated in the Australian Space Summit at the International Convention Center in Sydney, Australia, May 27-28. The Australian Space Summit aimed to provide presentation to critical funding issues and unveil fresh opportunities for international collaboration with the goal of growing Australia’s space sector. During the two-day event that explored space collaboration and competition in the Pacific, Mastalir delivered a keynote address and participated in panels which discussed space capabilities and the U.S.-Australian alliance in the Indo-Pacific. “The space domain has always been a strong part of the U.S.-Australian military-to-military relationship and our alliance. “The interests we pursue are all about assured access to space,” Novak said.

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