Source: NASA

Authors: Anthony Greicius, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Published Date: Mon, 27 May 2024 15:31:24 +0000

Summary: This adds to the 2023 discovery of a different active volcano in Magellan data. Direct geological evidence of recent volcanic activity on Venus has been observed for a second time. Scientists in Italy analyzed archival data from NASA’s Magellan mission to reveal surface changes indicating the formation of new rock from lava flows linked to volcanoes that erupted while the spacecraft orbited the planet. These changes suggested the formation of new rock, most likely solidified lava from volcanic activity that occurred during that two-year period. Evidence for activity, even in the lower-resolution Magellan data, supercharges the potential to revolutionize our understanding of this enigmatic world.” More About the Mission NASA’s VERITAS mission was selected in 2021 under NASA’s Discovery Program.

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