Source: NASA

Authors: Tiffany L. Fairley

Published Date: Fri, 10 May 2024 16:59:42 +0000

Summary: NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is preparing for crewed missions with the SLS Block 1B rocket, supporting Artemis IV and future missions. On May 9, 2024, NASA’s EGS Program and Bechtel National Inc. moved the primary base structure of mobile launcher 2 to its permanent mount using the crawler transporter. This 355-foot-tall launcher will be used to assemble and process the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft. The “jack & set” process involved raising the base structure to position the crawler underneath for final placement on permanent pedestals. This milestone signifies significant progress in the Artemis program and the dedication of the NASA and Bechtel teams. The mobile launcher will now undergo installation of critical piping and electrical equipment at its park site near the Vehicle Assembly Building. Once completed, it will support NASA’s goal to send astronauts to the Moon, including the first woman and person of color, as part of the Artemis missions.

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