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Authors: Leah Campbell, School of Science

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Guoping Feng
Guoping Feng is the James W. and Patricia T. Poitras Professor in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. His research focuses on the molecular mechanisms regulating synapse development and function, aiming to understand psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. Feng has received numerous accolades, including election to the National Academy of Medicine in 2023.

Piotr Indyk
Piotr Indyk is the Thomas D. and Virginia W. Cabot Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. He specializes in creating efficient algorithms for massive data streams, with applications in machine learning and data mining. Indyk is a Simons Investigator and a fellow of the Association for Computer Machinery.

Daniel J. Kleitman
Daniel J. Kleitman, an emeritus professor of applied mathematics at MIT, has made significant contributions to operations research, genomics, and combinatorics. Encouraged by Paul Erdős, he switched from physics to mathematics and boasts an Erdős number of one. He has served as head of MIT’s Department of Mathematics and contributed to the film “Good Will Hunting” as a math advisor.

Daniela Rus
Daniela Rus is the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and the director of CSAIL. Her research focuses on robotics, AI, and data science, aiming to integrate machines into daily life to support human tasks. Rus is a MacArthur Fellow and a member of multiple prestigious academies, including the National Academy of Engineering.

Senthil Todadri
Senthil Todadri is a professor of physics at MIT, known for his work in condensed matter theory. He explores novel quantum phases and phase transitions, developing theoretical frameworks for complex systems. Todadri has been recognized as a Simons Investigator, a Sloan Research Fellow, and a fellow of the American Physical Society.

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