Source: NASA

  • Peaceful Purposes and Transparency: The Artemis Accords emphasize that all activities in space must be conducted for peaceful purposes and require partner nations to publicly describe their policies and plans, promoting transparency in civil space exploration.
  • Interoperability and Emergency Assistance: The Accords call for the use of open international standards to ensure system interoperability and reaffirm commitments to providing emergency assistance to astronauts in distress, as outlined in the Agreement on the Rescue of Astronauts.
  • Registration and Scientific Data Release: Proper registration of space objects is crucial to avoid harmful interference, and partners are urged to join the Registration Convention. Additionally, partners agree to the full and open sharing of scientific data to benefit global knowledge.
  • Protecting Heritage and Utilizing Space Resources: The Accords commit to protecting historic sites and artifacts in space and support the extraction and utilization of space resources under the guidelines of the Outer Space Treaty, ensuring sustainable space exploration.
  • Deconfliction and Orbital Debris Management: To prevent harmful interference, the Accords introduce the concept of Safety Zones for space operations. They also emphasize the importance of mitigating orbital debris and ensuring the safe disposal of spacecraft at mission end.

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