Source: Airbus

Authors: Bruno Daffix, Marina Mittermaier, Beatriz Lozano

Published Date: Fri, 04/26/2024 – 13:21


Airbus has launched the Pléiades Neo Next programme to expand its high-resolution Earth observation capabilities. This initiative will enhance satellite assets, including improved native resolution. The first new satellite under this programme will be launched in the coming years. Pléiades Neo Next builds on the success of the existing Pléiades Neo constellation, providing images and geo-intelligence services for sectors like defence, agriculture, environment, and urban planning. Users can directly task the satellites shortly before overpass and receive images through Direct Receiving Stations or the OneAtlas platform.The new satellites will offer higher revisit rates and superior spatial resolution and geolocation accuracy. Airbus is also improving the ground segment and OneAtlas platform to optimize imagery request, capture, and reception times. This programme reinforces Airbus’s leadership in geospatial technologies, complementing its optical and radar satellite constellations.

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