Source: Airbus

Authors: Airbus

Published Date: Wed, 05/15/2024 – 12:35

Summary: Acceptance testing of the active transmit antenna for Hisdesat’s SpainSat NG-I satellite has been successfully completed and is now being integrated onto the satellite at Airbus in Toulouse. The satellite will undergo thermal vacuum and vibration tests before launch. SpainSat NG-I features a flexible X-band payload with active antennas, an integrated digital processor for X- and Ka-band cross-banding, and a high-speed service link for rapid reconfiguration. The acceptance test campaign for the active receive antenna has begun in Madrid, with delivery expected by the end of summer. Both SpainSat NG-I and NG-II satellites are set to enhance coverage across Europe, Africa, and the Americas, supported by the ESA PACIS 3 partnership project, with the first satellite entering service in 2025.

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